Get Your HTML5 app into the NEW Tizen Store and win cash when it's published! HTML5 apps can be ready for Tizen with just a few steps.


Any individual or team that has an HTML5 app or building an HTML5 is eligible to enter.  All developers must build a .wgt file to submit to appbackr for an appscore and to the Tizen Seller Store.


You must add your .wgt to the Tizen Seller Store before you enter the Challenge.  The one field that you need to add is to add "appbackr" in the Comments for Validation Team field.

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$20,650 in prizes

Cash Prizes (25)

Win up to $250 per app! There are no limits to the number of apps that a developer can submit or the number of cash prizes.

Cash Prize $100 (67)

Cash Prize $50 $9800 (154)

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:

How to enter

There are 3 steps to entering the Challenge.

  1. Developers need to create .wgt files from their HTML apps.  Developers can do this with our handy HTML5 Guide to Porting to Tizen in our Tools section.
  2. Register on the Tizen Seller Store and add your app to the Tizen Seller Store: The one field that you need to add is to add "appbackr" in the Comments for Validation Team field. This allows appbackr to track your app’s status and expedite your validation process.
  3. Register for the challenge, with your .wgt file by filling out the submission form.

If you didn't add "appbackr" to the Comments field, include your developer DeepLink and app Content ID. Instructions to locate that information are here.


appbackr Review Team

appbackr Review Team

Judging Criteria

  • The appscore scores HTML5 apps based on a quantitative and qualitative evaluation.
    Performance & speed Is there sound? Does the app use hardware back button? Has the resolution been optimized? Is there no high CPU load? Are there no bottleneck Does it appeal to a wide audience? Are the controls fluid? Are the graphics high quality

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