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Announcing the winners

We’re thrilled to announce the winners of appbackr Tizen Challenge.

View all the winners in the Gallery.

Thanks again to everyone who participated and made the challenge a great success!

The appbackr Tizen Challenge team

almost 10 years ago

Congratulations to everyone that participated

Thank you to everyone that was part of the Challenge. Everyone should have received a final score and information on the cash incentive last week. If you did not, please email us at tizen@appbackr.com and we will send it to you.


appbackr Team


almost 10 years ago

Our 24 $250 Winners

Congratulations to our top prize winners. Additional winners will be annouced later this week.

Acupressure: Heal Yourself
Baby Count
Robots Rise!
Spin-a-Tron: Bubble Breaking Game
Weather HD
Pro Student
Air Traffic Control
Beauty Self-Massage
Chinese Health Massage
Multiply Without Times Table
Jumping Bloo
Acupressure: Stop smoking
ASL Alphabets
Run in Cloud
Space Adventure
Girls Psychology
Age Calculators
Robots Rise! Pirate Edition
Robots Rise! Christmas Edition
My Sound Box
Master Cook
Dot 2 Dot


almost 10 years ago

Challenge Extended!!!

Everyone! We have extended the Challenge until 12/29!  You have 7 More Days to Sent Apps!!!!  

Congratulations to atmaram who has submitted 120 apps to Tizen and has had over 40 published already!!!


almost 10 years ago

Faster Scoring with Content IDs and DeepLinks

Thank you everyone who has submitted an app to the Challenge!  It's the last few days of the Challenge and we have been sending out several cash incentives already. 

Content IDs and developer DeepLinks are not required but they make it much easier for us to track your app on Tizen!  If you have not included that information, please take a minute and add it to your entry. The Content ID is in your app's URL on Tizen, the DeepLink is under your profile. 

We also have a challenge for HTML5 running. We can repackage HTML5 apps for developers to…

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almost 10 years ago

Congratulations to the first app "For Sale"

Congratulations to Beauty Self-Massage. It's the first app in the contest to be For Sale!  The developer now gets the cash prize!!!!

about 10 years ago

More Winners!

After 8 days, we have 22 apps that have earned cash prizes for their Tizen app submissions!  The judging continues and we're eager to more entries.

about 10 years ago

Week 1 Winners and Update

Our Challenge has been live for 4 days and we have been blown away by the quality of apps that we're getting from the ChallengePost commuity.

To date, 7 developers have qualified for cash prizes! We're eager to see their apps published on the Tizen Store.

One Change to the Submission Process
Now, if developers add the word "appbackr" in the Comments to the Validation Team field, appbackr can track the app's validation.  This saves us the step of confirming that app's status after it is for sale. That means you can get your prizes faster!

If you have already…

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