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over 10 years ago

Week 1 Winners and Update

Our Challenge has been live for 4 days and we have been blown away by the quality of apps that we're getting from the ChallengePost commuity.

To date, 7 developers have qualified for cash prizes! We're eager to see their apps published on the Tizen Store.

One Change to the Submission Process
Now, if developers add the word "appbackr" in the Comments to the Validation Team field, appbackr can track the app's validation.  This saves us the step of confirming that app's status after it is for sale. That means you can get your prizes faster!

If you have already submitted, you can go into the store and edit that field. Either way, we have your developer DeepLink and app Content ID so we can track your app.

We haven't been able to open zip file.  Wgt files don't need to be uploaded as zip, they can be uploaded as wgt files. We contacted the developers that we had this issue with.