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How many winners are there?

Every developer that successfully publishes an app on the Tizen Seller Store will receive a cash prize in accordance to the Official Rules.

How many apps may I enter?

As many .wgt apps as you would like. Each app is eligible to receive a cash prize after it is published in the Tizen Seller Store. 

Do I have to register each time I submit an Application?

No, you may use the same ChallengePost account for all submissions.

How will entries be judged?

Every .wgt file will be judged by our appbackr review team based on the criteria below.  The app’s cash incentive will be based on the team’s score of the app.  Apps with high pre-release appscores will get $250, mid pre-release appscore will get $100, and low pre-release appscores will get $50 to publish to Tizen.

Quantitative evaluation

  • Is application performance & speed acceptable? (> 30 FPS)

  • If applicable, is the application’s sound functional?

  • Does the application have little to no instances of high CPU load?

  • Does the application have little to no bottleneck locations?

  • Does the application have little to no Failed APIs and Warnings?

  • Does the application have little to no memory and resource leaks?

  • Has the application’s resolution been optimized for a Tizen device?

  • Does the application use the hardware back button? 

Qualitative evaluation

  • Does the application content appeal to a wide audience?

  • Is the application easy-to-use for the average consumer?

  • Are the application’s controls fluid?

  • Are the application’s graphics of sufficiently high quality?

What kind of platforms can I develop on?

Applications must be .wgt files.  Widget files are saved with a .wgt extensions as a compressed archive format.  The compressed files contain the widget configuration, index document, Javascripts,  and images, including an icon file.  You can learn more on our HTML5 Guide for Tizen.

Do I still own the rights to my application?

Yes, the application and code that you create is your property. If you need more information, please refer to the Official Rules

What is Tizen?

Tizen is an open-source and standards-based platform, based on Linux. It’s backed by hardware makers that are building devices running the Tizen Platform. These devices need apps.  The Tizen Seller Store launches in 2014.

What is an appscore?

appscore is a quality score for apps which drives discovery, distribution and incentives for developers' mobile apps.  It uses a machine-learning model to score every app on major platforms including Android,  iOS, Chrome, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile.

What is appbackr?

appbackrXchange is based on the appscore and provides incentives and rewards to developers based on a ratio between the appscore and its current market performance.  Based on this ratio, developers receive incentives to port apps and to promote their apps on partner sites operated by carriers, OEMs and other third parties. 

Where is appbackr’s HTML5 Guide to Tizen? 

The guide and other resources is located here on our Tools section at

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