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about 10 years ago

Faster Scoring with Content IDs and DeepLinks

Thank you everyone who has submitted an app to the Challenge!  It's the last few days of the Challenge and we have been sending out several cash incentives already. 

Content IDs and developer DeepLinks are not required but they make it much easier for us to track your app on Tizen!  If you have not included that information, please take a minute and add it to your entry. The Content ID is in your app's URL on Tizen, the DeepLink is under your profile. 

We also have a challenge for HTML5 running. We can repackage HTML5 apps for developers to save time. 

If you would like to share this Challenge with friends, tell them to add your screenname to the Comments to Validation Team field in Tizen and we can offer you a bonus of $10 for every app that you refer that is published, so like this "appbackr screenname"


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