•   about 10 years ago

Challenge confusion

I am bit confused now with the challenge. There are 2 challenges running 1. appbackr Tizen challenge and 2. appbackr HTML5 to Tizen app.

I have 20 HTML5 apps i.e 20 wgt files and submitted to the Tizen store for publishing (right now under processing ) ,

I need to know in which contest do I need to submit my app for , since Tizen store is accepting wgt files thus doesn't require repackage to tpk file .

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  •   •   about 10 years ago

    appbackr Tizen challenge - these apps should be submitted on Tizen and then submitted to the Challenge. Tizen ready with back button and resolution.

    HTML challenge - HTML5 apps that we will repackage for you and return for you. Time is running a bit short for this. It may be faster use this guide: http://tools.appbackr.com/porting-html5-apps-tizen-guide/

    Also, we are giving out affiliate codes to everyone. Share this challenge with friends and tell them to include "appbackr - CPost screenname" in the Comments to Validation Team field. We will give you $15 for every app that uses that code (not yours).

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